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What is a cartouche?

A French polishing cloth
An ornate Rococo framing
A side table.
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Antiquing for Dummies
by Ron Zoglin

Do you love to poke around at garage sales and antique shops, but can't tell the difference between Colonial and Victorian? Do you dream of owning an old Oriental rug or a Meissen figurine, but worry that the dealer might gouge you on the price? Ron Zoglin demystifies the terminology of the antique world and shows you how to find, bargain for, buy, and decorate with antiques.More Books

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AN-TIQUE (an-teek) An object having special value because of its age, especially a domestic item, piece of furniture or decorative arts object esteemed for its artistry, beauty, or period of origin.

Antiques sign at a local flea market.

The Antiques Almanac, a reference site for beginning and intermediate collectors and those just interested in finding out about old things, is your first stop on the Web in your search for information about antiques and collectibles. Here, you’ll find articles on a variety of American and international antiques, including furniture, china, glass, silver, and other decorative arts from the Colonial, Empire, Victorian, and Art Nouveau Periods, plus vintage and modern collectibles, plus interesting historical facts, antique tips, and recommendations for caring for your collections. Come in, browse around, and come back often to see what's new.


Poor Man's Silver
Pewter vessels have been around since ancient times. The Romans made and used them daily. Churches used pewter candlesticks, chalices, and alms dishes until 1175 when silver and gold came into favor. But when they contributed their silver and gold pieces to ransom Richard the Lion-Hearted during the Crusades, they turned back to pewter.

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Cookie Jars—Good as Gold
Today, the term “cookie jar” refers to a folder in a computer that stores “cookies,” or files containing information about the user for use by online companies. But it’s the term’s more traditional use as a storage container for delicious morsels of sweet goodness made by mothers and grandmothers over the years that some collectors will give their eye teeth–and sometimes their savings–to acquire. For cookie jars have become as good as gold in the collectible market.
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Special Feature
The Pottery of Dave the Potter 
when Dave created it, this jar was just one of thousands produced by slaves in the potteries of the Edgefield District of South Carolina.
Often called “Dave pots,” these vessels have sparked the interest of pottery collectors in recent years because they’re signed, dated and made by an enslaved African-American. So what makes Dave’s jars stand out from all the others?
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by Bob Brooke

For more than a decade, Ed Kleppinger has been looking through rose-colored glasses. No, not eyeglasses but rather his collection of thousands of pieces of ruby stain pattern glass,


Anna Maria, the seventh Duchess of Bedford of Woburn Abbey in Bedforshire, England discovered late
afternoon tea such a perfect  refreshment that she soon started inviting her friends to join her in her room for this new social event. And it really was more of a social event than a meal as ladies didn’t come to eat but to meet their friends, gossip, and chat about the latest fashions and scandals of the day. Read more. 

How to Recognize and Refinish Antiques for Pleasure and Profit

Book: How to Recognizing and Refinishing Antiques for Pleasure and Profit

Have you ever bought an antique or collectible that was less than perfect and needed some TLC? Bob's new book offers tips and step-by- step instructions for simple maintenance and restoration of common antiques.
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