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Who was the leading designer of Mid-Century Modern furniture?

Mies van der Rohe
Charles Eames
Harry Bertoia
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Mid-Century Modern
Bradley Quinn

The 1950’s house was a scientific triumph, designed in a laboratory and tested on inhabitants of all ages before being built for the masses. Never had homes been so thoroughly contemporary, with antiques and period styles entirely banished. Mid-Century Modern explores their interior decor—walls, flooring, surfaces, lighting, and, of course, furniture. The book suggests ideas for taking the 1950’s look and mixing and matching it with elements from other eras.
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Understanding Mid-Century Modern

With its clean lines and eminently cool vibe, mid-century modern decor has been popular for about the last decade. The comfortable and stylish designs fit with today’s more casual lifestyle and open floor plans. In fact, mid-century modern pieces have made their way into the offerings of many mass market furniture retailers.  
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German Hair Dryer 1950

AN-TIQUE (an-teek) An object having special value because of its age, especially a domestic item, piece of furniture or decorative arts object esteemed for its artistry, beauty, mechanical ingenuity, or period of origin.

The Antiques Almanac, a five-edition-per-year online magazine for beginning and intermediate antiques collectors and those just interested in finding out about old things, is your first stop on the Web in your search for information about antiques and collectibles. Here, you’ll find articles on a variety of American and international antiques, including furniture, china, glass, silver, and other decorative arts from the Colonial, Empire, Victorian, Art Nouveau, and Art Deco Periods, plus vintage and modern collectibles, interesting historical facts, antique tips, and recommendations for caring for your collections. Come back often to see what's new. And be sure to tell your friends about us.


This edition's theme:
"A Look at Retro"
Volume 13 No. 4


The Royalty of Mid-Century Modern
When many people hear the term “mid-century modern,” they automatically think of furniture with clean lines and a lack of detail. And while many associate the Mid-Century Modern style with the years 1945 to 1965, one of the earliest examples of that type of furniture was the Airline armchair, designed by Kem Weber in 1934. This unique chair featured the sleek geometry of Art Deco, a retail price of just under $25, and was meant to be shipped in a cardboard box and assembled by the buyer, much like IKEA furniture is today,

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Fun with Plastic
Plastics has been around since just after the end of the Civil War, believe it or not. They're  so much a part of life today that most people can’t even imagine them existing during the Victorian Age. For the first time, man was able to replicate materials found in nature, such as ivory and tortoiseshell.

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From Electrolux to Target
The Origins of Industrial Design
Crafts people decide on the form and details of whatever they’re creating while they’re creating it, unlike industrial design where the creative decisions about a product precedes manufacture, usually involving mass production.
Industrial design most often focuses on a combination of aesthetics and user-focused considerations, but also often provides solutions for problems of form, function, physical ergonomics, marketing, brand development, sustainability, and sales.

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Those Happy Days
Everyone knows of “Happy Days,” the 1950s-era T.V. sitcom featuring a typical middle class family. The mother on that show, much like scores of other American housewives of the period, must have thought she had died and gone to housewares heaven with the advent of Melmac dinnerware. That was just one of the items that made her days truly happy because its durability made it ideal to use in homes with children.

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What Goes Around Comes Around
For those born between 1940 and 1950, as teenagers the era was one of rocking or rolling or both. And as the old saying goes, what goes around, comes around. So the retro "teen" 1950s and 1960s and the grooving ‘70s are in—currently known as retro.

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Antiquing in the Sixties
Back in the 1960s, most people didn’t go antiquing as they do today. Collecting antiques was for those who could afford it. And the antiques they collected were old, over 130 years old to be exact. After World War II, most Americans were looking ahead. They didn’t want old things, especially furniture.
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Antiques Along the Highway
Collecting Plasticville, U.S.A.
Cookie Jars---Good as Gold
Treasure House of Design
Tune into Old Radios
Watt's All the Fuss


An Editorial on Antiques

One Person's Comfort
is Another's Clutter

Bob discusses various styles of decorating with antiques and collectibles.

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A Monument To Retro
by Bob Brooke

Most people would expect a museum of industrial design—a monument to Retro–to be located in a large metropolitan city like New York or Chicago. In fact, this gem is hidden in the hills of Vermont. Located in the town of Waitsfield, the Madisonian Museum contains a fascinating collection of some of the best objects of industrial design, including many retro items.

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The People's Car
by Bob Brooke

Nothing says retro better than a Volkswagen Beetle. The cute little car became the darling of people on a budget in the 1960s through 1980s. And not just in the U.S. There were probably more VW’s in Mexico, especially Mexico City than anywhere else in the world. What made this little car so special? To answer that is to take a trip back into a dark page in human history.
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How to Recognize and Refinish Antiques for Pleasure and Profit

Book: How to Recognizing and Refinishing Antiques for Pleasure and Profit

Have you ever bought an antique or collectible that was less than perfect and needed some TLC? Bob's book offers tips and step-by- step instructions for simple maintenance and restoration of common antiques.                 Read an Excerpt


Gray’s Auctioneers Offers Up a Century of World’s Fair Memorabilia

America’s world’s fairs will be celebrated at Gray’s Auctioneers on July 31. Over a century has passed since the first exhibitions shared the latest advancements in science, art, travel and technologies of the time. The fairs gave rise to the popularity of many souvenirs, giving the public a chance to keep a memory of the time spent in those grand buildings, exhibition halls and their host cities.

Authorities Recover 19,000 Artifacts in International Antiquities Trafficking Sting

A joint operation undertaken by Interpol, Europol, the World Customs Organization and local police forces has recovered 19,000 artifacts from 103 countries. Objects recovered range from a pre-Hispanic gold mask to a trove of ancient coins and Roman figurines. Authorities arrested 101 people as part of the crackdown.
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Remington’s Bronco Buster Sets Record at $615,000

Frederic Remington’s The Bronco Buster soared to a final selling price of $615,000 and took top lot at a recent Heritage Auctions’ sale. Multiple bidders drove Remington’s The Bronco Buster to a final selling price of $615,000. The rare 1.5-scale work is one of just 19 casts made from a large-scale plaster model of his iconic sculpture. Others can be found in collections at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Art Institute of Chicago, Fort Worth’s Amon Carter Museum and the Buffalo Bill Historical Center in Cody, Wyoming. Learn about Remington’s works by reading “Frederic Remington—Chronicler of the Old West.”   

Sunken Treasure ID'd in the Caribbean

Salvagers discover 300-year-old ship at the bottom of the Caribbean near the coast of Colombia. Experts have identified it as  the legendary San Jose galleon, a Spanish ship rumored to contain up to $17 billion in treasure.
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