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Samuel Allen, creator of the Flexible Flyer sled, graduated from:

The George School.
Westtown School
Harvard University
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Old Windup Trains
by James Pekarek

This book is an introduction to collecting and operating vintage O gauge windup trains. It highlights windup locomotives from a variety of eras, as well as discusses rolling stock, track and operation. Great for beginner or seasoned toy train collectors.
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AN-TIQUE (an-teek) An object having special value because of its age, especially a domestic item, piece of furniture or decorative arts object esteemed for its artistry, beauty, or period of origin.

The Antiques Almanac, a five-edition-per-year online magazine for beginning and intermediate antiques collectors and those just interested in finding out about old things, is your first stop on the Web in your search for information about antiques and collectibles. Here, you’ll find articles on a variety of American and international antiques, including furniture, china, glass, silver, and other decorative arts from the Colonial, Empire, Victorian, Art Nouveau, and Art Deco Periods, plus vintage and modern collectibles, interesting historical facts, antique tips, and recommendations for caring for your collections. Come back often to see what's new. And be sure to tell your friends about us.

This issue's theme: "Toyland"
Volume 10 No. 5


Those Loveable Flexible Flyers
"What puts color in the cheeks and sparkle in the eyes and sets the whole body tingling with health and happiness? It's coasting!" So read an advertisement for the Flexible Flyer, America’s Number One sled. Nothing brings on a bout of nostalgia for 50-something men more than seeing an old sled. And even the poorest kids knew the joys of sledding down a snowy hill on a cold winter’s afternoon.
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The Exotic NewWorld
of Designer Toys

Designer toys are a modern art form more or less based on manufactured forms, but not necessarily. And just like any definition of art, the answer lies very much in the spirit of "art is in the eye of the beholder.” And while the term designer toys primarily covers original artist creations, it doesn't necessarily exclude licensed properties. So while the world of designer toys may be a bit complicated to understand, the common thread throughout is an emphasis on the artist or designer behind the "toy," whether it’s a one-of-a-kind or a manufactured series.
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Once Upon a Time in Kiddie Lit
There’s nothing so captivating as seeing a child’s face light up as they open their favorite book. Children, even more than adults, read and reread their favorite books. As these same children grow into adulthood, some long for their favorite children’s books. And these are the ones who become avid children’s book collectors.
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Put the Pedal to the Metal
Pedal cars have been around almost as long as real cars. In the same way as the motorcar was derived from the carriage, the pedal-car had its origins in the tricycle. Iron tricycles, which already existed at the end of the 19th century, were the starting point for kids’ cars; dressed up with a simple body and fitted out with an extra wheel.

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The Art of Collecting Toys

Toy collectors seem to live by the motto “Mint-in-box.” A toy is only worth half as much without its original packaging as with it. And the more of the packaging that’s included, the better. But toys were never meant to be stored on shelves. They’re meant to be played with. So how can you collect toys if most of them aren’t in their original boxes, especially the older tin-plate toys? The answer is very selectively.

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An Editorial on Antiques

Tick, Tock, Time NEW!

Bob discusses clock names and clock collecting.

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All Aboard for the National Toy Train Museum
by Bob Brooke

Most young boys love trains. And so do their dads and granddads. If there’s one place that must seem like Nirvana to little boys and their dads it’s the National Toy Train Museum in Strasburg, Pennsylvania, headquarters of the Train Collectors Association. Located just down the road from the Strasburg Railroad and the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania, this museum doesn’t seem a bit out of place, even though it’s surrounded by Amish fields of corn and wheat.
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A Magical World Under
the Christmas Tree

by Bob Brooke

The custom of building a village under the tree began with the Moravians, who built a putz or Christmas tree yard under their trees. The term was derived from the German verb putzen, to decorate. No two were alike, but originally they all represented the stable scene, complete with Mary and Joseph and the infant Jesus.
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How to Recognize and Refinish Antiques for Pleasure and Profit

Book: How to Recognizing and Refinishing Antiques for Pleasure and Profit

Have you ever bought an antique or collectible that was less than perfect and needed some TLC? Bob's book offers tips and step-by- step instructions for simple maintenance and restoration of common antiques.                 Read an Excerpt


Joe DiMaggio's Patek Philippe Sells for $281,000

A highlight of Christie's “An Evening of Exceptional Watches” sale was Joe DiMaggio’s Patek Phillipe Ref. 130, a watch he owned for more than 50 years, which sold for $281,250, including buyer’s premium.    
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