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What American glass company produced more art glass than any other?

Mount Washington Glass
Boston & Sandwich Glass Co.
The New England Glass Co.
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The Legend of Bohemian Glass:
A Thousand Years of Glassmaking in the Heart of Europe

by Antonin Langhamer

This book offers a comprehensive overview of the history and traditions of Czech art glass. Divided into 12 chapters, the book details the evolution and development of glassmaking as an art form from the earliest times, when the first glass beads appeared in central Europe, to the present.
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The Art Glass of Louis Comfort Tiffany

This video introduces the work of Louis Comfort Tiffany, highlighting the expansive range of artistic objects created during his career. It also showcases Tiffany Studios' Favrile glass and provides an historical look at the life of Tiffany.

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Bohemian Tango Cordial Set

Caring for Quadruple Silver
by Bob Brooke


The process of silver plating is done by electroplating a thin layer of silver over a stronger and usually less expensive base metal. With its silver finish, improved durability and pricing that was more affordable than pure silver pieces, quadruple silver plate soared in popularity during the late 19th century.

Rinse quadruple silver plate in warm water immediately after use to remove the acids from foods such as eggs, mayonnaise, salt, mustard, lemon juice and other fruits that can cause discoloration or tarnish.

Hand-wash quadruple silver plate in warm, soapy water using Dawn Dish Detergent rather than putting it in the dishwasher. Do not use citrus-scented dish soap when washing quadruple silver plate, because the citric acid may damage the silver plating. And do not soak quadruple silver plate in water, as prolonged immersion can damage the finish of the silver plating.

Dry quadruple silver plate immediately using a soft, 100-percent-cotton dishtowel. Avoid allowing quadruple silver plate items to drip dry in a dish rack, as this can cause unsightly water spots to form on the surface.

Wrap quadruple silver plate in tarnish-resistant silver cloth and store in a cool, dry cabinet when not in use.

Polish quadruple silver plate periodically using a commercial silver polishing product such as Wright's or Weiman silver cream. Apply the silver polish to your quadruple silver plate using a soft, 100-percent-cotton dishtowel or a jersey knit rag. Use the silver polishing product according to package instructions for best results.

Do not use citrus-scented dish soap when washing quadruple silver plate, because the citric acid may damage the silver plating.

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