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Who created the first imge of Santa as we know him today?
Elizabeth MacKinstry
Thomas Nast
Wilcox Smith
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About Me 
Smithsonian Seminar 

A reproductioni Shaker rocker.ANTIQUES ARTICLES

An Acquired Taste
Antiques or Junk?
Antiques or Collectibles?–That is the Question
Arresting Time 
Around the World in Carousel Art 

Biedermeier Furniture: Form Follows Function
Chippendale Changed the Way Furniture Looked
Chippendale--The Royalty of Antique Furniture Fake, Faux or Repro 
Grandfather Time
Have a Seat (formerly Chairs, Chairs, and More Chairs)  Judging the Age of China Can Be a Fool's Errand
Parian Ware--Affordable Art for the Masses
Poor Man's Silver
Preserving the Patina—and Value—of Antique Furniture
Reproduction Furniture--Is It All That Bad?
The Grace of Queen Anne

The Beginnings of American Furniture 
The Value of Scrimshaw Soars 
The Victorian Era–An Age of Revivals

Tiffany Lamps Fetch Astronomical Prices
The Men Behind the Mission Style 
The Other Arts & Crafts Designer 
The Ultimate All-in-One
Those Charming Staffordshire Dogs 
Tools of the Trade

What Exactly is an Antique?
What's It Worth?
What is That Piece of Furniture Called?
Wicker's Enduring Charm
Writing Boxes Stand the Test of Time

An early Hess toy truck.COLLECTIBLES ARTICLES

A Way With the Manger
Collecting Pieces of the Medicine Show
Collecting Plasticville, U.S.A.
Collectors Snap Up Old Cameras
Cookie Jars—Good as Gold
Glass Ornaments of Christmases Past
Going for the Gold
Navajo Weavings—Many Things to Many People Pass Go and Collect on Early Monopoly Games
Souvenirs from the 1939 World's Fair Highly Collectible
Take Caution Selling Medicine Bottles Says DEA 
Quality Over Quantity—The Pottery of the Overbeck Sisters 
The Keeper of the Keys
The Lost World of the Midway 

Up, Up and Away with Airline Collectibles
Watt's All the Fuss?
Wish You Were Here



How to Start a Home-based Antiques Business 
Recognizing and Refinishing Antiques for Pleasure and Profit



A sailor's valentine.ANTIQUE SPOTLIGHT 
More Antiques Spotlights

18th-Century Safe Deposit Box 
A Light for a Salesman
A Look at the Wintry World Inside
A Musical Chair for Musical Chairs 
All That Glitters Isn't Silver 
Casters Highlighted Victorian Tables 
Gem Roller Organ—The American Music Box 
Gone But Not Forgotten
Greetings to the World of Tobacco 
Keeping Cool Victorian Style
Little Treasures in the Palm of Your Hand

Little World Under the Christmas Tree
Pier Tables—Not for Petticoat Checking 
Sailors' ValentinesSouvenirs From the Heart 
Strike Up the Band 
The Craftsmen of Rose Valley 
The First Home Improvement Companion 
Toasty Warm on a Cold Winter's Night

Watch Papers are More Than Protection

A 13th-century Chinese tea jar.

Antiques News Archives

Art for the Common Man
Beyond Venice—Glass in the Venetian Style 1500-1750
Early Tech Auction Offers Rarities 
Glass From Around the World 
It Pays to Look Twice 
Lack of Insurance Closes Shows 
Legendary Vase Sold on Ebay 
Pedigree Jar Brings Stratospheric Price 
Restored 19th-Century Stagecoach Goes on the Auction Block
Space Age Collectibles Go on the Block 
The Concorde Flies Again at Auction 
Visions of an American Dreamland  
Woman Finds Family Photo
World Stamp Show Highlights Stamps as Cultural Icons

A 19th-century chocolate pot.SPECIAL FEATURE 
More Special Features

A Look Back at Mother's Day
Are Christmas Cards a Dying Breed?
A Stay in a Victorian Hotel
Antiques Along the Highway
Building a Future With Pieces From the Past 
Giving Antiques and Collectibles as Gifts 
Gustav Stickley and the American Arts & Crafts Movement 
Mexican-American Tent Shows—A Family Affair 
The Influence of the Grand Tour on Antique Collecting  The Pottery of Dave the Potter 

You, Too, Can Determine If What You Own Has Value 
Weaving Their Way Into History
Ye Olde Apothecary


An Introduction to Caring for Your Collections 
Bringing New Life to Antique Upholstered Furniture
Care and Treatment of Old Prints
Caring for Ephemera 
Caring for Old Maps 
Caring for Pewter 
Caring for Your Antique Furniture
Displaying Your Treasures
Insuring Your Collection
Repairing Old Damaged Glass


Antiquing Across the Pond
A Snapshot in Time—Collecting Old Magazines
Bring Home the Memories
Cataloging Your Collection
Collecting Antique Furniture for Beginners
Collecting--A Passion or an Obsession

Eyeballing Antique Furniture 
So You Want to Hold a Yard Sale 
Sorting Out Stained Glass Lamps 
The Best Collector is an Educated One
Tips for Beginning a Collection

A pocket watch paper.READERS ASK 
Readers Ask Archives

A Case of Mistaken Identity
A Chair With Only One Arm
A Key for Every Character 
Bent Into Shape 

Chocolates for My Lady
Good Night, Sleep Tight
Good to the Last Drop
Guides to the World
Hold That Door!

NutcrackersA Christmas Tradition

Step Right Up and Try Your Luck 
Views of a Philadelphia Ale House
We've Come a Long Way, Baby


Glossary of Antique Terms
Glossary of Antique Clock Styles 
Glossary of Arts & Crafts Terms 
Glossary of Ceramic Terms
Glossary of Furniture Styles
The Complete Glossary of Auction Terms 

A snowshoe display in the Winter Sport Museum.ANTIQUES TO VIEW 

A Fantasyland of Americana
A Sparkling Touch of History
A Whale of a Museum
Circus World—Where the American Circus Survives 
Inside Craftsman Farms 

Inside the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum
Looking Through Rose-Colored Glasses
The Country's Oldest Museum 
The Magic of Christmas at Winterthur Museum

The Queen of Queens 
Tiny Ambassadors With a Mission
Winter Sports Museum Educates Visitors
Ye Olde Apothecary

More Back in Time

A Day in the Life of a Country Doctor
Less Work for Mother
Low Bridge, Everybody Down 
Return to Those Thrilling Days of Yesteryear
The Origin of Afternoon Tea
The Rose Valley Project 
The Trials and Travails of Victorian Train Travel
Trolley Parks Fade Into Memory 
Twas the Night Before Christmas



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