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What are the two schools of Russian iconography?

Byzantine and Slavic
St. Petersburg and Smolnsk
Moscow and Novgorod
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The Art of the Sacred
by Howes Graham

The Art of the Sacred explores the relationship between religion and the visual arts - and vice versa - within Christianity and other major religious traditions. It identifies and describes the main historical, theological, sociological and aesthetic dimensions of 'religious' art, with particular attention to 'popular' as well as 'high' culture, and within societies of the developing world.
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I'm so glad I found your magazine. It's insightful articles have helped me learn a lot about antiques and collectibles I have. And what I like the most is that you don't try to sell me anything. The information is priceless.


* * * * * * * *

Thanks so much for letting me know what I have regarding our German-made musical chair. Would you be able to recommend a trustworthy restoration person? And my wife and I read your article about the musical chair in your Antique Spotlight section. Now the chair makes sense and where that term came from. I hadn’t put the two together. Thanks for any and all assistance.


* * * * * * * *

I took your Educated Collector class last fall with Wallingford/Swarthmore Community Classes, in Media, Pa. and unexpectedly landed on your website today while I was exploring Plasticville!

It happened because I came into possession of a box full of pieces from my childhood yesterday and was trying to figure out what exactly I had. Thanks to you, I have made sense of this puzzle and discovered that I have in various stages of completion the Police Department, Fire Department, Cape Cod House, Railroad Station, Diner, and more. I located a seller and am in the process of listing the various chimneys, roofs, and other replacement parts (not reproductions!) I need to complete the various structures.

When finished, I plan to give them to my grandson, who already has an O-gauge train set but no village. I am so delighted that this has happened and I wanted to let you know how valuable your site was in giving me the knowledge I needed. My husband helped too - he saw me getting ready to toss Plasticville and he assured me they were vintage (he had his own way back when). I immediately went to work to educate myself.


* * * * * * * *

I appreciate this information you sent so much—and so quickly. I was driving myself crazy trying to date my sideboard by hardware, finials, feet, door panels, and I thought the wood was either mahogany or rosewood which wasn't helping! With details from different styles this was certainly an impossible task for me. You have renewed my interest in antique furniture, and I hope to do some reading and research to help me date/style some other pieces that I have. Sadly, there are not as many antique furniture stores in my area as years ago. I will have to add your website to my favorites so I can regularly check your blog.


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