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Who is P.T. Barnum?

The founder of the Ringling Brothers Circus.
A clown in the Cole Brothers Circus.
An American showman who said “There’s a sucker born every minute.”
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Picker's Pocket Guide - SIGNS: How to Pick Antiques Like a Pro

This book packs 208 full-color pages with tips, tricks, and strategy on how to collect and sell vintage advertising signs into a easily portable package.
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AN-TIQUE (an-teek) An object having special value because of its age, especially a domestic item, piece of furniture or decorative arts object esteemed for its artistry, beauty, or period of origin.

Antiques sign at a local flea market.

The Antiques Almanac, a reference site for beginning and intermediate collectors and those just interested in finding out about old things, is your first stop on the Web in your search for information about antiques and collectibles. Here, you’ll find articles on a variety of American and international antiques, including furniture, china, glass, silver, and other decorative arts from the Colonial, Empire, Victorian, and Art Nouveau Periods, plus vintage and modern collectibles, plus interesting historical facts, antique tips, and recommendations for caring for your collections. Come in, browse around, and come back often to see what's new.


Around the World of Carousel Art
A white carousel horse, frozen in a mid-air gallop, joins other carved wooden horses, chariots—those gayly decorated boothlike benches for the ladies in dresses–-and bejewled menagerie figures that look back through glassy eyes on an elaborate turn-of-the-century carousel. As drums rattle and the bellows on the old Wurlitzer band organ wheeze, the machine whirls at seven miles per hour.

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The Lost World of the Midway
The old-time carnival midway, with its freak show offering illicit thrills and games that looked easy but seemed impossible to win isn’t the same as it once was. Loud music and flashing lights have replaced the carny's shouted come-on. Government regulators have cracked down on the shady games. And the freak show has been shut down by politically correct attitudes.

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Special Feature
Mexican-American Tent Shows
The Arts and Crafts Movement began in Britain in the mid-19th century with John Ruskin, the foremost critic of the factory system. He spoke out against the shoddy quality of machine-made goods. Ruskin believed mass production enslaved workers to machines and robbed them of the pleasure of their own labor. To correct this, he advocated a return to the practices of the medieval trade guilds. To Ruskin, a hand-made object had beauty because of its irregularities.
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Inside Circus World
by Bob Brooke

What began 56 years ago as a grouping of six old circus wagons on less than an acre of land, has become an internationally recognized and respected museum of the American Circus, sprawling over 64 acres in Baraboo, Wisconsin, Read more.

Trolley Parks Fade Into Memory
by Bob Brooke

There are a few people still around who remember the good old days–the days of taking a weekend ride on an open-air trolley, the warm breeze hitting them in the face, as they rolled along at seven miles an hour toward an earthly paradise known as the trolley park.  Read more. 

How to Recognize and Refinish Antiques for Pleasure and Profit

Book: How to Recognizing and Refinishing Antiques for Pleasure and Profit

Have you ever bought an antique or collectible that was less than perfect and needed some TLC? Bob's book offers tips and step-by- step instructions for simple maintenance and restoration of common antiques.
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